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Smile Neo

by | Nov 10, 2019

Aerobola recently developed a mobile application for Smileneo, a dental treatment provider. The application was written in Flutter, Google’s open source framework for mobile development.

The Smileneo application provides users with access to the latest technology in teeth care and treatments. It allows users to find products that they need to maintain their oral health, set up appointments with professionals in their area, view available procedures, and check pricing information. The app also includes educational resources such as articles and videos about different types of dental treatments, preventive care tips and tricks, and personalized content tailored to each user’s individual needs.

To ensure a seamless experience for users of all devices and platforms, Aerobola incorporated features from the latest technologies into the app’s design. This included the use of machine learning algorithms to better understand user behaviour patterns in order to make more accurate recommendations; integration with third-party APIs like Twilio for secure communication between customers and providers; push notifications for reminders about appointments or new product launches; as well as secure payment gateways for instant payments.

The development team at Aerobola also focused on making sure that the app was easy to use by anyone regardless of their technical skillset or experience level with apps. This meant incorporating intuitive navigation elements such as “tabs” which allowed the user to quickly find what they were looking for with minimal effort; simple onboarding screens so that new users could quickly grasp how everything works; as well as an overall design that follows Google’s Material Design guidelines for a consistent look-and-feel across all devices.

In addition to having an attractive interface, Aerobola also made sure that the app was performant on all kinds of hardware configurations by optimizing battery usage and loading times through various techniques such as code minification or lazy loading of images/videos where necessary. Finally, they also implemented measures towards making sure that all data transfers were encrypted using SSL certificates so that customers’ personal information was well protected at all times while using the app.

All these efforts paid off: with its modern design, high performance specs and secure data transfers – plus its wide array of features tailored specifically to teethcare enthusiasts – Smileneo has been praised highly since its launch earlier this year and is already becoming one of the most popular apps among its target demographic.