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Panda App Development

by | Nov 10, 2019

Aerobola recently developed a mobile application for CartPanda, an e-commerce business. The app was built with Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit for creating natively compiled apps for multiple platforms. This project gave Aerobola the opportunity to flex its expertise in custom mobile application development.

In order to create the best user experience possible, Aerobola utilized modern design principles that focused on the user’s need and preferences. By leveraging the features of Flutter, such as beautiful animation effects and smooth UX designs, they provided users with an enjoyable experience while shopping on their phone.

The app not only looks great but also works well with interactive features like social media integrations, wishlist management, product filtering, and more. Additionally, it is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms so users can access it from any device they want regardless of operating system.

In order to ensure quality assurance before launching the app, Aerobola conducted a series of tests and checks using automated tools. They used unit testing to identify bugs or defects early in the process before it caused major issues down the line. Furthermore, a series of manual tests were performed by the development team in order to make sure all functionalities are working as expected for different user scenarios.

The development team successfully met CartPanda’s expectations by delivering a high-quality product that effectively meets their needs. As a result of this successful collaboration between CartPanda and Aerobola, this app has gained tremendous success amongst users due to its attractive design and efficient performance capabilities across multiple devices.